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Our Mission:

We believe: Every child has the right to be special to someone.

We believe: Parents are the primary educators of their children.

We believe: We are partners in education.

We believe: We listen to parents and believe in our children. I care.

We believe: Children are strong and full of potential.

We believe: Children are not "empty containers" or clean sheets of paper."

We believe: We have "I CAN" children.

We believe: Children need to be motivated to learn.

We believe: Children should be allowed to make mistakes.

We believe: Children learn from their mistakes.

We believe: Learning opportunities need to be planned around problems.

We believe: Problem solving is one of the most important learning methods.

We believe: Creative thinking is important for the development of problem solving.

We believe: Learners must be guided to make choices and accept responsibility for their choices.  

"I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious.

I want them to understand it, so they will be positioned to make the world a better place.


Knowledge is not the same as morality, but we need to understand if we are to avoid past mistakes and move in productive directions.


An important part of that understanding is knowing who  we are, and what we can do...

Ultimately we must synthesize our understanding for ourselves.

the performance of understanding that try matters, are the ones we carry out as human beings in an imperfect world, which we can affect for good or for ill."


Howard Gardener 1999: 180-181


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